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Christian Mourra

Founder of The Mortgage Diet

Buying a home is a team effort—my team and I can tell you as much. There's a lot of coordinating happening on the backend, markets change constantly, and so do mortgage regulations.

All of it can be pretty overwhelming for a first-time home buyer, which is why my team and I created this blog as a way to better connect with home buyers, homeowners, realtors, and pretty much anyone else who, in some way, shape or form, is a part of the mortgage industry.

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Luisa Aparisi-França


Hey there! I'm a finance writer with a BA in Sociology and Creative Writing from Florida State University. Always intrigued by historical patterns, demographics, and how domestic and international economies fluctuate; I lead our research efforts, collecting and analyzing current market data.

I also care about circling closer to home (pun intended), and learning about the impact housing has had in the past so that it can be applied to the present. I see it as my ethical obligation to educate home buyers so that they can understand the importance of real estate and the role it plays in the US economy and in their own financial lives.

What We Offer

Here we offer you tips on how to fix your credit, make passive income,  how to buy homes, and how to enjoy the unique lifestyle of each of the metropolitan areas.

While home buying will always be a competitive process, there's nothing you can't do with the right team behind you—and that's exactly what I'm setting out to show you.

So stick around for a bit, read some of our articles; and if you find anything useful, please like, share, and leave us your feedback.